It’s important to feed your guinea pig the right food. Guinea pigs, like all animals have quite specific dietary requirements and shouldn’t be fed food meant for other animals.

guinea pig foodFood that is meant for rabbits, or a generic food designed for all small mammals will not have the right balance of nutrients for your guinea pig. Poor nutrition can lead to various illnesses and ailments and so picking the right food for your pet is very important. Pick a food that is specially formulated for guinea pigs. Make sure it actually states on the pack that it is guinea pig food.

Choose a high quality food such as Burgess Excel and you’ll be sure that it has been developed with your guinea pigs’ needs in mind and will contain all the nutrients, and all the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to grow up healthy and happy. A top quality food will have more natural ingredients than a cheaper food and it will be tastier for you pet too. Guinea pigs need a high level of folic acid and vitamin C, so check the packaging for these too. If you food is a good one, and it’s been specially made for guinea pigs, then you should find that these extra requirements of folic acid and vitamin C have been taken care of. The developers of your new food will be experts in guinea pig nutrition so it gives you peace of mind that you’re giving your pets the very best.

When you choose a new food for you pet, especially one that is going to be a lot better for them than that which they’ve been used to, it can be tempting to throw away the old food and get them straight onto the new one, but it’s always wise to introduce a new food gradually to allow them to get used to it. Doing this will eliminate the chances of any digestive issues that can be associated with a sudden change of food.

You can also add to your guinea pigs’ vitamin C intake by giving them fresh fruit and vegetables. They also really enjoy them so it’s a great treat too. Giving them tasty and healthy treats keeps your guinea pig and entertained and reduces stress and boredom which can cause various ailments.

You guinea pig will love dandelion leaves, cabbage leaves, orange, strawberries, spinach and much more. Don’t forget to give them plenty of fresh water too and change it regularly, even if they haven’t emptied their water bottle.

Feed them in a sturdy ceramic bowl. This will help prevent them tipping it over and they won’t be able to chew it either.

Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets are enriched with Vitamin C

Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets are enriched with Vitamin C


  • Ann Ferguson

    7 months ago

    Trying to find Burgess Excel Complete Food Cubes with Blackcurrant and Oregano for my Guinea Pig. Previously purchased in my local Pets at Home but unable to find it in any pet shops or online.
    Has this product been discontinued?

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