Welcoming a Cat into your Home

Thu 9th May, 2013

catsGiving a cat a good home is very rewarding. Cats make great pets, whether you are a big family or live alone, a cat can be a good companion. If you’ve never had a cat before you’ll need to prepare your home for your new arrival.

Your cat will need a safe and cosy place to sleep. All pet shops will sell a wide range of cat beds. It’s probably a good idea to pick a cheap one to start with to see if your cat likes sleeping in a bed; cats can be funny creatures and you may find he ignores the fluffy comfortable cat bed and prefers to sleep on a chair or windowsill instead.  Place the bed in a quiet place where he will feel safe and secure.

You’ll need food and water bowls too. Cats need plenty of water so make sure they always have a constant supply of fresh drinking water. You can get water fountains for cats too, but some cats don’t like them as they do make a bit of noise.

The food you feed them is very important. You need to make sure you pick a high quality complete cat food to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need in their diet. You will probably want to change the food they have been eating if they’ve come from a rescue centre as you will want to feed them a higher quality food, however, you should always change over from one food to another gradually as an immediate change can cause stomach upsets. If he suffers from prolonged tummy toubles then consider moving him on to hypoallergenic cat food, which is forumlated to be gentler on tummies. If you’re feeding a dry food to your cat, it’s especially important that they have plenty of fresh water to drink.

Your cat will need a litter tray. Many cats will choose to go to the toilet outdoors, but if you keep your cat indoors at all, perhaps overnight, then they will need a litter tray. You can buy a tray with a lid and a door on which will give your pet some privacy, some cats can be self conscious being watched as they go to the toilet! It will also help contain smells, especially if you pick one with a carbon filter in the lid which will absorb odour.

You may want to put a cat flap in your door too so kitty can come and go as he pleases. If you have trouble with other cats coming into your home, then a cat flap that recognises your cats chip is a good idea. It will only open for your cats and will remain shut tight for any others that try to get in.

Other than these essentials, all they will need is a few toys, an occasional treat and lots of love.