Warning: This post may contain too much cuteness for you to handle. Here is a list of the five most famous dogs on YouTube.

1. First up we have the delightful and extremely fluffy Boo. This gorgeous bundle of joy has proven to be the envy of many celebrities after gaining just over 7,000,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 8,500,000 hits on YouTube. Who said that looks don’t get you anywhere?  Boo is also the star of two photo books and not forgetting all the rest of the merchandise that has been dedicated to him!

2. Next we have Mishka the talking husky. Mishka is a little different to your standard YouTube sensation – She is a dog that can talk! Yes ladies and gentleman, this dog can speak English! Her specialities are saying “I love you” and responding with “no” when she is asked a question.  Just this one video of Mishka has attracted over 85,000,000 hits, what a clever dog!

3. Bizkit the sleep walking dog – This gorgeous Labrador became famous after her owner filmed her ‘sleep chasing’. This one video received 30,000,000 hits.

(We can confirm that no Bizkit’s were hurt during the making of this clip)

4. There’s just something about talking dogs that will forever fill our hearts with joy and the next video will definitely pull at your heart strings. Receiving an astonishing 140,575,843 hits the dog featured in the video is definitely one of the most famous dogs on the planet and it’s all down to his love for maple flavoured bacon. Yum!

5. And last but not least…we have Denver the guilty dog – This video received 26,500,000 hits after one owner (armed with a video camera) discovered that some of his cat’s treats had been opened and devoured and there were only 2 suspects – his dogs. The owner takes to his video camera for interrogation and discovers that one of his dogs Denver cannot hide or contain his guilt.


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