Producing The Perfect Dog Poo

Tue 2nd July, 2013

Burgess Sensitive

Pardon the headline, but we wanted to grab your attention… and if you are reading this then we guess it worked!!

When it comes down to looking after our wonderful best friends, we as dog lovers don’t only try to give them the best food, the cleanest water, a lovely rug to lie on and endless attention but we also become very attentive to their cleanliness, the tidiness of their fur, the temperature of their nose, how they smell, their weight and even their poo!

 Yes… Our love for these amazing, intelligent and loving animals is so strong that we care for them with the same dedication and commitment that we would give to our children. On our daily walks we may find ourselves checking the regularity of our dog’s bowel movements – the amount, the colour, the shape and even the smell!

And here is something you might not have known… Poo gives an insight into you dog’s health!

The perfect poo can be produced when your dog eats a healthy and balanced diet containing good quality meat or fish along with protein and rich sources of Omega 3’s which will help to aid a healthy digestion as well as providing them with a healthy skin and coat.

Burgess Sensitive hypoallergenic dog food only contains simple, high quality ingredients. Your dog should obtain all he needs from this food so there will be no need to give him any extras that may cause stomach upsets.

Burgess Sesitive contain highly digestible ingredients such as lamb and rice that are less likely to result in intolerant reactions like diarrhoea and constipation. You’ll also be pleased to learn (if you didn’t already know) that the yucca tree extracts will  help to reduce stool odour – an added element for the perfect poo!

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