They'll be yours, faithful
and true, all their life.

They are your friend, your companion, your confidant, your dog. You are their life, their love, and the leader of their pack. With big happy, smiley faces; ears pricked, tongues always at the ready for big licks, and tails on standby to wag ten to the dozen at any given opportunity. They love nothing more than big hugs, a ball to chase, rolling in smelly things that they shouldn’t roll in and hearing the word ‘walkies’ (they can even spell the word walkies!).

They never say ‘no’ – but don’t be fooled – they have an uncanny ability to play deaf when it suits! And why is it they will joyfully jump into the nearest stinky, muddy pond in one second flat,  but, give them a bath in lovely clean water and they look at you as though you have just stolen their favourite toy?

They will be yours, faithful and true, every day of their life

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