Can you guess the breed?

To celebrate this year’s Crufts, put your canine knowledge to the test with our fun quiz. Can you identify these seven breeds from the following descriptions?

Posted: 07 March 2018

Can you guess the breed?


The world’s biggest dog show takes place this month. Crufts has been celebrating all things dog for 127 years, with 44 different breeds winning the coveted Best in Show title. Each of the following breeds has been crowned Crufts Supreme Champion, but can you work out what they are? Answers follow below, but no peeking!

Q1: This small Scottish terrier is easy to spot as it only comes in one, luminous colour. Compact and endearing, with dark eyes, small ears, a large black nose and straight, un-feathered tail, these game little dogs are renowned for their happy, outgoing personalities.

Q2: One of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, this curly-coated breed is famed for the variety of haircuts it sports. Originating in Germany, its popularity in France saw it becoming established as the country’s national breed. Available in three sizes and a variety of colours, this kind-natured breed is the favourite of naturalist Chris Packham.

Q3: Originating from central Europe, this elegant breed is thought to be one of the oldest hunt, point and retrieve dogs in the world. Energetic, intelligent and affectionate, they possess gorgeous russet gold coats and matching eyes.

Q4: This charming little dog from Pembrokeshire – once a popular pet with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant – is now sadly on the Kennel Club’s vulnerable native breeds list. A predominantly white, short-legged, long-bodied terrier, these dogs make loving family pets due to their loyal and devoted nature.

Q5: This fun-loving dog was originally bred to herd flocks and guard monasteries in the high regions of the Himalayan mountains. Hardy and robust, with a thick coat that doesn’t shed, fans of this intelligent, playful breed include TV presenter Clare Balding.

Q6: This gentle, fleet-of-foot breed was once referred to as ‘a poor man’s racehorse’. These slender dogs have the highest running speed of any breed of their weight and are able to reach up to 45 miles per hour at full pelt. However, they enjoy spending much of their time napping on a comfy sofa.

Q7: With its racy build and glamorous coat, this gundog breed has enjoyed plenty of success in the show ring. The combination of a dazzlingly rich chestnut-red coat, kind nature and mischievous streak has also ensured their popularity as family pets.

The answers

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Q1 ANSWER:  The West Highland White Terrier. In 2016, Westie ‘Burneze Geordie Girl’ was the Crufts Supreme Champion.

Q2 ANSWER: Poodle. Standard Poodle ‘Afterglow Maverick Sabre’, known as ‘Ricky’, was Crufts Supreme Champion in 2014.

Q3 ANSWER: Hungarian Vizsla. ‘Hungargunn Bear It'n’ was Crufts Supreme Champion in 2010.

Q4 ANSWER: Sealyham Terrier. In 2009,Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice’ was Crufts Supreme Champion.

Q5 ANSWER: Tibetan Terrier. In 2007, ‘Araki Fabulous Willy’ was Crufts Supreme Champion.           

Q6 ANSWER: WhippetIn 2004, ‘Cobyco Call the Tune’ was Crufts Supreme Champion.

Q7 ANSWER: Irish SetterIn 1999, ‘Capsians Intrepid’ was Crufts Supreme Champion.

How did you do?

6-7: Like a dog with two tails

4-5: Every dog has its day

3 or less: Barking up the wrong tree