Greyhound & Lurcher Owner Stories – Teddy, Ruby & Monty

It's the Greyhound & Lurcher 2 Week Takeover and to celebrate, we're sharing fantastic stories from the owners of these gentle dogs. This profile is from Emma, the lucky owner who had the pleasure of rescuing Teddy, Ruby & Monty.

Posted: 30 August 2019

Greyhound & Lurcher Owner Stories – Teddy, Ruby & Monty


What are their names?

Teddy and Ruby, we had a Monty too.  Our very first hound!

Where did you get them from? E.g. local rescue centre / friend?

We got all three hounds from Tia Greyhound Rescue.  They were in Sowerby Bridge but now in Doncaster. 

What made you adopt greyhounds over other breeds?

We decided in a greyhound by accident!  We only went to 'look' and returned with a donkey sized stripy hound that had never been in a house before.  Monty.  Unfortunately, we discovered he had cancer and he died age 5 after we had him for 5 months.  After that we knew greyhounds were our kind of dog! Lovely long snouts.  Excellent nature, extremely lazy with a fondness for a sofa - just like us! 

Did you adopt them together? How old were they when you adopted them?

After Monty we got Teddy and a year later, we decided we would get Teddy a friend Ruby (I’m not sure he ever appreciated it!) we got them just before their fourth birthday.

What were their favourite activities?

Their favourite activity was laying on sofa upside down!  Snuggling.  Doggie doughnuts and cheesy muffins!  Monty also was fond of a cup of tea! 

How much walking did they take?

They didn’t need much walking!  About 20 mins so they had one big walk a day and 3 little ones.  This is because we had a yard and they did not like 'going' in there!

Any favourite foods?

Doggie donuts, Cheesy muffins. Phill worked at al bivio then and the chef used to save them leftover meat!  They loved that!!! Ruby also had a fondness for other people’s food.

How were they with other pets / children and other people?

They were good with people.  Wary of other dogs.  I don’t think in their past they ever saw other breeds of dogs.  So, I think they were perplexed!  Our greyhounds were definitely not cat friendly!  Although some are.  They were fine with children too.  Not a fan of Rosie as she was a bit bouncy!!!

Any specific personality traits or endearing characteristics?

Teddy used to have chattery teeth.  So cute.  If you look on Instagram at Salty the hound - just like that.  Ruby was very cheeky, and she would just stand and woof in your face if she wanted something.  She would also steel your chair if you stood up.

Any words you would use to describe them?

Lots of words to describe them.  Lazy 'world’s fastest couch potato', affectionate, fast. Snoggable.  Funny.  Loyal.  Protective.  Greedy. 

Any memorable funny stories?

All three of them all eventually made their way upstairs after a couple of days but none of them could get down so Phill had to carry them down.  Monty ate a whole panettone and when we came down, he had the wrapper like a frill around his neck.  Teddy had a soft spot for scooping up hedgehogs in his mouth (gently) he never hurt them, but he would not put them down he just stood there looking pleased with himself.  We once had a decorator in, and he had a sandwich which he put down on the side.  When he turned around it was gone from the side and in ruby's mouth!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of adopting a retired greyhound?

We would encourage people to go to their local homing centre and have a look.  They are such lovely all-round hounds.  Great family pet.  But definitely hide all your prized soft items.  Soft toys.  Cushions.  They love them!!!  We would have another one in a heartbeat.