Greyhound & Lurcher Owner Stories - Eric the Greyhound

It's the Greyhound & Lurcher 2 Week Takeover and to celebrate, we're sharing fantastic stories from the owners of these gentle dogs. This time we hear from Lindsay, the proud owner Eric the couch potato!

Posted: 02 September 2019

Greyhound & Lurcher Owner Stories - Eric the Greyhound


How old is Eric?

Eric is 5 years old (we think!) 

When did you first meet Eric and what made you adopt him/fall in love with him?

We were looking for a dog as our eldest was off to university and our youngest really wanted one. We weren’t looking for a big dog at all, but he was there in the kennels and looked so, so lost... we couldn’t leave him there. 

What is Eric’s history – how did he end up in a rescue centre?

The police brought Eric into the rescue centre, he was incredibly nervous - actually terrified and shook with fear for many months. He wouldn’t come near us at first. We think that judging by the scars he had, he was very badly treated. It was 2 months of hard work from the rescue centre which meant he could be put up for adoption. 

Why did you adopt a lurcher over another dog breed?

I’d thought that lurchers needed more walks, more space so I’d ruled out having one. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’d adopt another lurcher now if I could persuade my husband!! 

What are Eric’s favourite activities?

Eric loves playing hide and seek with treats (Which you can see in the video) and playing zoomies in the garden with his squeaky toy. He really loves stretching out on the sofa and having his tummy rubbed. Mealtimes are always a big favourite of his!! 

Does Eric have any bad habits?

He has taken a liking to digging in the garden- he has his own little area where he can just dig away, and we refill it again. (I think he thinks it’s magic!) 

Who is Eric’s best friend? (doggy or human!)

Eric is at home with his human Daddy during the day- so he’s very close to him. But he belongs to Alex my son- and loves jumping up on his bed at night to sleep with him. He’s very protective of the whole family. 

Any words you would use to describe Eric?

Loving, sleepy, funny, protective, a member of our family, majestic.

Any memorable funny stories?

The first time he saw snow was funny- he leaped around in it like he was on springs! Watching him do zoomies around the garden is always fun to watch and learning to play like a puppy brought us so much happiness! 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of adopting a lurcher as a pet?

Although you think they are going to be hard work, they really aren’t. Gaining their trust if they’ve been badly treated is hard work, but that’s the same regardless of their breed. Eric doesn’t jump up or anything like that- he barks if someone comes up the drive or if he thinks there’s a problem- otherwise, he’s quite a relaxed and happy soul. I’d definitely recommend a lurcher.