Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue Stories - The Story of Makants Rescue

As part of the Greyhound & Lurcher 2 Week Takeover, we interviewed the founder of Makants Greyhound Rescue, Siobhan Hoppley, to find out how this brilliant Greyhound rescue came to be.

Posted: 02 September 2019

Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue Stories - The Story of Makants Rescue


What made you want to open a rescue?

I had already boarded dogs for another rescue and I found I was immediately drawn to any sighthounds that were brought in. I have owned lurchers in the past and always felt that greyhounds are a beautiful, graceful and often misunderstood breed.

What is the rescue’s history?

On 11th December 2013 we officially started the rescue with one greyhound, one slip lead and two volunteers.

Why specifically greyhounds?

They make lovely pets as they are easy to look after and sleep a lot! Contrary to popular belief they need little exercise and of course there are so many always looking for a home. If I had to describe the breed I would say that they are ‘cats that bark’ (not that they bark much though!)

Have you ever had a favourite that you didn’t want to say goodbye to?

I will always remember the very first greyhound we took in, called Stevie G. He was a fabulous hound and will always have a very special place in my heart. I still see him occasionally and am pleased to say that he always remembers me!

How many volunteers do you currently have?

I haven’t counted but think it must be around the 100 mark. Many of our volunteers have been with us since the rescue first opened.

Do you ever find it hard to find willing volunteers?

To be honest we don’t have difficulty finding volunteers, and we’re very lucky to have so many genuine hound loving people who help us. Having said that we get busier every week so are always pleased to welcome new volunteers to the team.

Is the rescue run solely by volunteers?


Many thanks to Siobhan for the interview. We hear that the rescue has now homed over 360 greyhounds since it first opened, so here’s to many more successful homings in the future!