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Dig Your Degu

…Want to know why your degus chatters or thumps, and why they prefer dust baths to water baths? Here’s our quick guide to understanding degus behaviour… Burrowing In the wild, degus live partly above ground and partly underground, creating tunnels to…

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Add some degus to your day

…The degu is a small rodent that is native to Chile. In the wild, these supremely social animals live in groups of up to 100, where they dig complex burrows to hide from predators, complete with nests and food stores. Unlike many small furries, degus

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Take a closer look at your pets’ diet in 2019 – degus

…In the wild, degus – who are native to northern and central Chile and live high up in the Andes mountain range – survive on grass and other green vegetation, bark and seeds. In fact, compared to other rodents, degus need to consume large…

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The degu – how well do you know this popular pet?

…Fascinating facts about the degu The degu is a small caviomorph rodent endemic to Chile It belongs to the same group of animals (infraorder Hystricognathi) as the guinea pig and chinchilla They have open rooted, continually growing cheek…

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Bonding with your small pets

…There are cat people and there are dog people – but there are also some who believe that small pets are where it’s at. Whether you cherish your chinchillas, have a passion for bunnies, adore guinea pigs, or have a soft spot for rats,…

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A quick quiz all about our small pets

…Of these 9 statements, 6 are TRUE and 3 are FALSE – but can you work out which is which? Keep scrolling down to find out the answers and to discover how well you’ve done... 1. Rats laugh when you tickle them.  2. Guinea…

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