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8 fun facts about gerbils

…1. They’re tunnelling experts In the wild, a colony of gerbils will typically construct an extensive network of burrows, with tunnels leading to food stores, nesting areas, and escape routes. These burrows can go as deep as 1.7 metres and…

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Best small pets for children

…A pet can be one of the best teaching aids for children, giving them lessons in responsibility, caring for others and friendship – but it’s a decision that needs to be carefully researched, and will require constant adult supervision. Here we weigh…

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Why we dig gerbils

…There are many species of gerbils, though the Mongolian gerbil is the type most commonly kept as a pet. Their scientific name Meriones unguiculatus translates as ‘little clawed warrior’. These burrowing rodents are naturally adapted to desert…

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Diagnosing respiratory disease in rodents

…Rodent respiratory infections are common, particularly in rats, mice and guinea pigs. However we rarely see respiratory issues in gerbils and degus. Signs of respiratory problems Loss of appetite or anorexia – check how much has been eaten, not…

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Bonding with your small pets

…There are cat people and there are dog people – but there are also some who believe that small pets are where it’s at. Whether you cherish your chinchillas, have a passion for bunnies, adore guinea pigs, or have a soft spot for rats,…

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Should you have an only pet?

…Some pets, such as dogs, can thrive happily with other doggy friends or as part of their human family. Cats and hamsters can also be content as only pets, but other animals have very specific needs when it comes to company… Cats are curious…

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