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True or false? How well will you score in our fun hamster quiz?

…Here are eight statements about hamsters. Five of them are TRUE and three of them are FALSE. Can you work out which is which? The answers are below. 1. Hamsters have poor eyesight 2. Hamsters should always be kept on their own 3. Hamsters

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Best small pets for children

…A pet can be one of the best teaching aids for children, giving them lessons in responsibility, caring for others and friendship – but it’s a decision that needs to be carefully researched, and will require constant adult supervision. Here we weigh…

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Life as a very small animal

…There are small pets and then there are very small pets – enter the diminutive dwarf hamster, which has scurried its way into children’s hearts for decades as a much-loved first pet. Despite their small stature, dwarf hamsters are…

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Surprising Facts About Your Pet

…20 Surprising Facts about your Pets Dogs can see in colour. While many people believe dogs can only see in black and white, in fact they can detect colours on a blue and yellow scale but cannot distinguish between red and green. Cats can talk.…

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Create an ideal home for your hamster

…If you visited this year’s Ideal Home Exhibition, you may be bursting with plans to spruce up your humble abode. But first, spare a thought for your hamster. According to a study published in Royal Society Open Science, the type of accommodation you…

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Take a closer look at your pets’ diet in 2019: Hamsters

…When hamsters emerge from their cosy sleeping quarters each evening, they like to get busy. Along with playing and exploring, hamsters will happily forage for hours, seeking out tasty morsels to nibble on, as well as hoarding food away in their…

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