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Why mice are really rather nice

…Pet mice are epic explorers and there’s hours of fun to be had watching them as they nimbly scale ropes, pause and scent the air, nibble on tasty treats that they hold delicately in their front paws and dash recklessly through tunnels.…

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Best small pets for children

…A pet can be one of the best teaching aids for children, giving them lessons in responsibility, caring for others and friendship – but it’s a decision that needs to be carefully researched, and will require constant adult supervision. Here we weigh…

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The curious tale of the cat in the night

…Cats are known for their love of napping, but when they’re not snoozing, they can be extremely active. This can often be at night when their human is trying to sleep. Young cats in particular can drive their human crazy from sleep deprivation. If…

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A quick quiz all about our small pets

…Of these 9 statements, 6 are TRUE and 3 are FALSE – but can you work out which is which? Keep scrolling down to find out the answers and to discover how well you’ve done... 1. Rats laugh when you tickle them.  2. Guinea…

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Hurrah for rodents! But which small pet is right for you?

…Small pets can make wonderful companions, but before you take the plunge into the fascinating world of small furries, it’s essential to think about how the relationship is going to work. For example – do you want a pet that enjoys…

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Diagnosing respiratory disease in rodents

…Rodent respiratory infections are common, particularly in rats, mice and guinea pigs. However we rarely see respiratory issues in gerbils and degus. Signs of respiratory problems Loss of appetite or anorexia – check how much has been eaten, not…

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