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Burgess Excel Vet Awards

Nominations for Burgess Excel Vet Awards 2023 are now closed!

The Vet Awards celebrate the hard work and achievements of veterinary professionals, practices, and students, who work tirelessly to improve rabbit and guinea pig health and welfare. Make sure you don’t miss out on Excel Vet Awards 2023 by nominating yourself or someone else today!

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19th June 2023 – 5th October 2023

Nominations open 

6th October 2023

Nominations close 

20th November 2023

Announcement of winners

4th December 2023

Congratulations to our previous Burgess Excel Vet Award winners

madonna livingstone rabbit vet of the year

Madonna Livingstone – Rabbit Vet of the Year 2022

Ark Vet Clinic


“To have reached the finals again was fantastic, but to have actually won the award is completely overwhelming, especially considering how brilliant the other finalists are. I am a firm believer that rabbits – and all other species –  deserve the same high level of care as dogs and cats and knowing how many other veterinary professionals feel the same make the rabbits the ultimate winners every time!”

Abi Nell – Rabbit Vet Nurse of the Year 2022

Mill House Vets


“I am really thrilled to have been chosen for this award. I love meeting and connecting with clients; being able to offer tips and advice for the best care for their rabbits is my favourite part of my job. When a client calls the practice to ask for my advice instead of relying on an internet search, that is when I know I have really made an impact and developed a relationship with the pet owners.”

abi nell rabbit vet nurse of the year
origins vets clinic rabbit friendly veterinary practice of the year

Origins Vets Clinic – Rabbit-friendly Veterinary Practice of the Year 2022

Origins Vets Clinic


“Rabbit welfare is improving every year. We are devoted to bringing up-to-date guidance to rabbits and all the species we treat. We have vet students every week and strive to keep the veterinary profession moving forward in rabbit and exotic medicine. Thank you to the many amazing clients who took the time to nominate us and for their kind words. This award means so much to myself and my team.”

Paiton Barker – Rabbit Support Staff of the Year 2022

Woodgreen Pets Charity


“I feel very proud of such an achievement. Before becoming a community outreach officer, I started my time at Woodgreen as a small pet carer. I gained a lot of my rabbit knowledge working with a very experienced team and I can now share this knowledge with owners, and champion the needs of rabbits. I will always aim to improve the lives and welfare of these often sadly overlooked animals.”

paiton barker rabbit support staff of the year
5. plymouth vet group rabbit awareness week (raw) campaign of the year

Plymouth Vet Group – Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) Campaign of the Year 2022

Plymouth Vet Group

“As a practice, and as individuals, we are constantly striving to provide the best experience for our rabbit patients. Increasing awareness and highlighting the importance of the often complex needs of this wonderful species is really important to us. To not only have been shortlisted for Campaign of the year and Nurse of the Year but to go on to win Campaign of the Year means a great deal to our team.”

Maria Jackson – Rabbit Student of the Year 2022

Royal Veterinary College


“I am so grateful to have been nominated for this award. I have always been passionate about rabbit welfare and dedicated my time as a vet nurse to making sure rabbits under my care receive the best evidence-based treatment possible. I hope that my research will encourage other students to study rabbits further and increase our knowledge about these complex animals. Thank you to my undergraduate and postgraduate supervisors for supporting me during my research.”

maria jackson rabbit student of the year
holly house vets, leeds – guinea pig friendly practice of the year

Holly House Vets – Guinea Pig Friendly Practice of the Year 2022

Holly House Vets


“The entire team at Holly House Vets was very humbled to hear we had been nominated for the award and absolutely overjoyed to find out we have won. We have been working very hard on developing our exotic animal service over the past few years; ensuring we make guinea pigs as comfortable as possible when hospitalised, constantly reviewing our protocols and undertaking further studies in the field as well as having a hospital that is open 24/7 to be able to look after our patients any time of day or night.”

nadene stapleton

Dr Nadene Stapleton – Rabbit Vet of the Year 2021

“I am so excited and delighted to receive this award.  I feel really passionately about advocating for the health and welfare of rabbits and will continue to put in every effort on their behalf. Perhaps now my own rabbits will listen to me!”

Rachel Sibbald – Rabbit Nurse of the Year 2021

“Rabbits have always been a part of my life. I am fascinated by them and want to better understand the species. Becoming a veterinary nurse allowed me to get a deeper understanding of their needs and promote health and happiness to the bunnies at my practice.  I am delighted with this award and truly grateful to anyone who nominated me.  Huge thanks to my veterinary colleagues who have supported, encouraged and allowed me to focus on all things rabbits!”

rachel sibbald 2
grace mee

Grace Mee – Rabbit Student of the Year 2021

“’Rabbits are the third most common pet in the UK but are so often overlooked. Rabbit welfare is gaining a higher profile and being more widely discussed, especially now that the Good Practice Code for the Welfare of Rabbits has been published in the UK. It is events like the Burgess Excel Vet Awards that will help to raise awareness of rabbits’ needs. I am honoured to receive this award and look forward to continuing to support and contribute to this cause in any way I can now and as a future vet.”