World Animal Day

World Animal Day

Fri 2nd October, 2015

This Sunday marks a celebration in an area we can all agree needs extra attention – animals. October 4th is World Animal Day; one day where across the globe people educate other about animal welfare as well as getting an opportunity to really show the love for our non-human neighbours! October 4th isn’t just a…

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5 reasons why two bunnies are better than one

Wed 23rd September, 2015

Sometimes, every bunny needs somebunny. A lot of owners may question whether they should adopt one rabbit or two (and in some cases even more than that!) but we think that making sure your rabbits have another friend who speaks the same language as them is the best option for their happiness. Reason 1 In…

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7 facts about Syrian hamsters

Mon 21st September, 2015

Everyone can recognise these famous household pets but how much do we actually know about them? We’ve done the detective work for you, so get ready to impress pet lovers alike with our quick-fire facts below. 1. The Syrian is the most common breed of domesticated hamster. They are known for their short heads and…

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dog in autumn

Coping with a change in season

Thu 17th September, 2015

It is official…autumn will be upon us next week. Whether you’re missing the warmer weather already or looking forward to cosying up in your winter warmers, the upcoming seasonal change affects our pets too. We’ve put together our advice on tackling the biggest problems of autumn to keep your pets safe and stress-free as our…

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dog training

Back to school: Top tips for training your dog

Mon 14th September, 2015

September brings to mind one thing for all of us in the UK – the start of the school year. We thought we’d revisit our memories of starting school with one difference…you become the teacher! Your dogs are never too old to learn new tricks, so the upcoming autumn weather may be the perfect time for…

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Win an iPad Mini Wifi 16Gb

Tue 8th September, 2015

Click here for your chance to win an iPad mini > Answer a few short questions about your pets and the food you feed and you will then be entered into our free draw. It won’t take you longer than a couple of minutes to complete. Closing date is the 25th September.   Click here…

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Creating the best outdoor bunny accommodation

Mon 7th September, 2015

When it comes to making sure your bunnies have the best accommodation you can offer, the possibilities are endless… It’s time to get creative! Whether your rabbits live in converted sheds or large enclosures in your gardens, there are a few considerations you need to take for any suitable outdoor bunny accommodation. Make sure you…

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Adopted dog with his foster owner

Are You Ready to Foster a New Dog?

Thu 3rd September, 2015

Which Dogs Need Foster Care? In an ideal world, there would be no need for dog wardens, animal shelters and rehoming centres. Dogs are sent to shelters for many different reasons: some dogs may have become lost, some are rescued from unhealthy homes and (unfortunately) many dogs are simply not the right fit for their…

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Syrian hamster

What Type of Hamster Is Suitable for My Family?

Thu 3rd September, 2015

Popular Hamster Breeds Although there are over 20 different hamster breeds, only about five of them are commonly kept as pets. Mostly, that boils down to availability, but it also has to do with the amount of care these animals require. If you’re looking for a new hamster – or a pair of them –…

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Rabbit running through a cardboard tube

Using Cardboard to Keep Your Rabbit Entertained

Thu 3rd September, 2015

Cardboard Toys Can Be the Best Toys Somewhere to hide – As long as a cardboard box is big enough to house your rabbits, you can consider it a toy. Remember though, bunnies may hop and leap, but they rarely do that into spaces with high walls. With your cardboard box, place the opening side…

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