CLA Game Fair

Burgess Pet Care Exhibiting at The CLA Game Fair

Tue 28th July, 2015

Burgess Pet Care are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s CLA Game Fair. The event will be taking place on the 31st July – 2nd August. The show is a celebration of the Great British Countryside so if you’re looking for a fun day out this weekend then head down to Harewood House, Leeds….

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what do cats think about us

What do cats really think about us?

Mon 27th July, 2015

Despite the popularity of cats as pets, they can often be a mystery to us. Unlike dogs which are dependent on their humans and ready in return to show their affection for owners, cats usually act completely different. Historically, as cats were never domesticated or bred for a specific purpose in humans’ life, it has…

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The Pet Show

The Pet Show Competition Winner

Tue 21st July, 2015

We’ve had so many fantastic entries over the past week and would like to give a big thank you to everyone who submitted to our Facebook competition! It’s been a really tough decision for us to make. Now it’s time to announce the winner… Congratulations Shaun Carter! Your cat Tom is our winner! You will…

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guinea pig noise

Understanding guinea pig sounds

Thu 16th July, 2015

Any guinea pig owner knows that their pets can make a variety of noises. But how well do you know your wheeks from your rumbles? Learning to understand the different noises your pets means that you can know what they need, as they need it. It’s a useful skill to have to result in even…

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the pet show competition

The Pet Show Photo Competition

Tue 14th July, 2015

The Pet Show is just around the corner and to celebrate we’d like to give you guys the chance to win in our latest photo competition. The Pet Show competition is straight forward! To enter, please post a photo of your pet onto our Facebook wall – and please like our page if you…

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stray cat

What to Do If You Find a Stray Cat

Mon 13th July, 2015

The Difference between Lost Pets and Feral Cats Not all cats skulking around your property or along the side of the road are strays. Many cats have the opportunity to explore their communities with the trust of their owners that they will return. This makes it difficult to determine whether a cat should be in…

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rabbit jump

Tips for Clicker Training Your Rabbits

Mon 13th July, 2015

What Is Clicker Training and Why Is It Used? Because animals don’t understand commands the first time they hear them, you can speak until you are blue in the face and find yourself struggling to get your point across. A clicker is an extension of Pavlovian techniques that allows for the association of sound and…

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dog ears

Skin and Ear Care for Dogs

Mon 13th July, 2015

Canine Skin and Ear Conditions You Should Know You will need to look out for sores, scratching or patchy fur. All of these may signal a problem you should check out with your vet. The most common skin ailment your dog will battle is the presence of fleas. The bites of these parasites are irritating…

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rabbit friends

Housing and Companionship for Your Rabbits

Mon 13th July, 2015

Housing Your Rabbits and Finding Them Friends Rabbits need a lot of space to move around and a hutch is only big enough for a sleeping space. Your rabbits should have constant access to a rabbit run. Remember too that rabbits will also need a separate place to eat and relieve themselves. In addition to…

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dog guilty bin

House Training an Adult Dog

Mon 13th July, 2015

Can You House Train an Older Dog? House training an adult dog should not be terribly different from training a puppy. Not only is it possible, the same principles apply. For example, you should never punish a dog when you find a mess, you should plan to spend extra time getting the process right and…

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