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Our Supadog recipes use wholesome ingredients that ensure excellent quality, smell, and taste. Manufactured at our own mill in the heart of Yorkshire, we use nutritious cereals, vegetables, and protein. From a puppy to their golden years, Burgess Supadog gives your dog a balanced diet to keep them happy and healthy.

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About Burgess Supadog

We created the Supadog range to help provide dogs with the vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need to live a full and healthy life. Our products are available for dogs of all ages and ensure tasty and nutritional meals – in every dog bowl. Supadog has over 30 years of heritage and is still made in our Yorkshire mill.


Why choose Supadog pet food?

At Burgess Pet Care, we understand the challenges that dog digestion poses, and how important it is to feed your dog the right diet, for both their health and happiness. You’d be surprised how common digestive issues including constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting, infections and canine bloat, as well as colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, can be. Therefore, choosing the right pet food for your dog is key to helping them have a long and happy life. This is why, at Burgess Pet Care, we are dedicated to creating recipes that meet our dog’s nutritional needs, including food that supports a dog’s digestive system at varying life stages. From puppies through to adult dogs and more senior, our dog food is based on extensive research that has lovingly created products that are delicious, nutritious and with your pet’s best interests at heart.

Burgess Supadog is dedicated to helping rescue centres across the UK!

Two products in our range are specifically dedicated to helping dog rescue centres across the UK. With every Supadog Greyhound and Lurcher and Supadog Salmon bag you buy we donate 20p* to UK rescue centres in the form of a food donation.

Do you know about our Greyhound & Lurcher 2-week take-over? Starting in 2019 this 2-week takeover was dedicated to helping independent greyhound & lurcher rescues all over the UK, throughout the 2 weeks we ask the public to nominate their chosen greyhound and lurcher rescue. In 2023 we donated over £8000 worth of food to the top nominated rescues and each year this donation keeps on growing, thanks to you! Don’t miss out and follow @Burgesspetcare on Instagram and Facebook.

Our Lifestage range

Burgess Sensitive is here for your dogs throughout their life!

When it comes to feeding your dog, understanding their life stage is just as important as choosing the right food! Your puppy, adult and senior dog will all have various nutritional, environmental and physical needs and changes in diet will be needed to keep your dog healthy at every stage.
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Do you know about Supadog Salmon?


Meet Jess, a rescued Staffy Cross who is featured on the front of our Supadog Salmon bag. Every bag you buy 20p* will be donated to dog rescues across the UK in the form of free food. Our Supadog Rich in Salmon is a complete food suitable for the ages of 12 months, our recipe has been specially developed for all breeds of adult dogs. It contains highly digestible ingredients for healthy digestion and includes fish oils and zinc to help your dog’s coat stay shiny and healthy.

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