A Guide to Cat Nutrition

Giving your cat a complete food with all the nutrients they need will help them stay happy and healthy.

Cat nutrition

Just as nutrition is key in our human lives when choosing food for your cat, it’s important that you give them food that will deliver the balanced nutrients they need. Adjust the amount you give them accordingly to keep your cat spritely and healthy, referring to the manufacturers guidelines for portion control. Dry food can be left out for your cat to eat as they please. They will take longer to eat it and drink more water. Remember though, when ad-hoc feeding, portion size still needs to be monitored so that your cat maintains a healthy weight. If you’re changing your cat’s diet, remember to gradually swap them over 5-7 days.

All cats, from tiger to domestic tabby are obligate carnivores which means they must eat meat to survive. Meat contains essential amino acids which they can’t make themselves. Cats also require high levels of protein and generally select it based on temperature, smell and taste.

Cats don't drink much

Originally a desert animal, cats are adept at living in harsh dry conditions. Probably due to their desert origins, cats don’t drink a lot and if fed wet food they can get most of the moisture they need from this. However, water should always be available just in case. If fed dry food, cats should be encouraged to drink and water must be made available. Cats don’t always like tap water, in which case you should consider collecting some rainwater in a clean container, offer bottled water or tap water that has been left out to ‘stale’.

Water bowls should also be wide enough that their whiskers don’t touch the sides and each cat in the household should have their own feeding and water bowl.

A complete diet

Cats require a careful balance of at least 13 different vitamins, plus the essential amino acid taurine necessary to promote a healthy heart and eyes. A complete diet will have all the necessary vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids in the right ratio, either derived from the raw materials themselves or from added supplements. Good manufacturers use protected vitamins to prevent them being degraded by processing.

With the right food from a reputable supplier, there is no need to give your cat extra vitamins and over dosing of vitamins can be harmful. Neutered cats also have different requirements and need 20% fewer calories than non-neutered cats. We’d recommend our Burgess Cat range and Neutered Cat food for a great complete food.

a complete diet cat

Quick tip

Play is an essential part of your cat's life and will encourage a bond between you as well as keep your cat fit and healthy.
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Something to remember!

Refer to the manufacturers feeding guidelines for portion control and this will help to ensure the correct amount of nutrients are delivered to your cat. Dry food is a good option as it’s easily portioned, may be better for dental health and encourages extra water consumption.

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