Rabbit Treats

Our Excel rabbit treats are a tasty, healthy treat range perfect for your rabbits. Your rabbits can chew on our gnaw sticks to help keep them entertained, or forage for our parsley pieces to encourage their natural foraging. In a range of tasty flavours, there’s a treat for every rabbit!

Always remember to follow the Excel Feeding Plan. 85-90% of your rabbits’ diet should be good quality hay or fresh grass.

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Excel Fruity Feasts
Excel Fruity Feasts 60g from £1.99
Excel Herby Hearts
Excel Herby Hearts 60g from £1.99
Excel Meadow Munchies
Excel Meadow Munchies 1kg from £7.00
Excel Pumpkin Pieces
Excel Pumpkin Pieces 60g from £1.99
Excel Snacks Gnaw Sticks
Excel Snacks Gnaw Sticks 90g from £2.99