Senior Cat Food

When it comes to choosing cat food for older cats, what should you look for? The needs of older cats can change. As your cat matures, their metabolism slows down. As a result, they need less energy and are more prone to putting on weight. 

From age seven, switching to a high protein cat food for older cats is something well worth considering. Top quality cat food for senior cats  should contain easily digestible, high-quality protein along with ingredients that help alleviate the signs of ageing – such as stiff joints, coat quality and urinary tract health – to help the more mature feline to enjoy a great quality of life during their golden years.

Burgess mature cat food is suitable for cats from age seven onwards. Providing your pet with a nutritionally  balanced, complete diet will help keep them in tip top condition during their senior years.

All of our cat food is made at our own factory in the heart of Yorkshire, using only ingredients that meet our stringent specifications – locally sourced from British farmers wherever possible – to support the nutritional requirements of cats throughout all their different life stages.



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Mature Cat with Turkey & Cranberry
Mature Cat with Turkey & Cranberry 1.4kg from £8.99