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Can Rabbits Live Alone?

Can Rabbits Live Alone?

Rabbits are highly sociable animals. They love to live in pairs or groups, and once they’re used to you, will love being around you too!

Companionship for your rabbits

Rabbits are incredibly sociable animals and if they don’t have the right company and lots of fun things to do they can suffer. Always keep your rabbits in pairs or groups. Littermates usually make for the best hutch mates. Remember, all rabbits should be neutered, even siblings, to avoid unwanted pregnancies and to help prevent health problems. For more information on neutering your rabbits, see our rabbit health guide.

Unfamiliar rabbits need to be introduced to each other very carefully and gradually under owner supervision, preferably in a space which is new to both rabbits. Always ask the advice of a vet or other pet care specialist when bonding rabbits.

Bonding with your rabbits

It is beneficial for rabbits to socialise with humans from an early age, this will help them grow into confident adults. Let them get used to you by talking to them softly and gently stroking them. After a while they’ll feel confident enough to be in you company. When interacting with your rabbit remember that they are prey animals so can find being lifted and carried distressing so try to interact with them at ground level. If you do need to pick your rabbit up, for example when you are completing weekly health checks ensure that all four of their legs and their bottom are securely supported.

Handling your rabbits

It is best to avoid picking rabbits up as they tend to prefer to be handled on the floor where they feel safer. When you do need to pick one of your rabbits up you should place one hand under their chest and the other under your rabbit’s hind legs. When you lift your rabbit up, hold them against your body to keep them secure. It’s good to have a non-slip surface to handle them on, a towel or carpet for example.

Never pick your rabbits up by the ears or the scruff of the neck – it is extremely stressful and can be painful.

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Foraging and chewing will keep your rabbit physically and emotionally stimulated.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

Rabbits can be trained, this is great for their physical and mental stimulation. Take a look at our rabbit behaviour guide for tips on how to train your rabbits.


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If you should have any concerns about the health of your rabbits, always consult a vet.