Kitten Food

Want to give your adorable bundle of fluff and mischief the very best start in life? Choosing high protein kitten food that contains all the essential nutrients your kitten needs to develop strong bones, healthy teeth, and a shiny coat is the way to go.

Kittens are obligate or ‘true’ carnivores – which means they must eat meat to survive and thrive. Their developing bodies need high quality kitten food formulated with protein-rich recipes. Choosing a complete dry kitten food will provide your growing cat with a perfectly balanced mix of nutrients to promote all-round health in each tasty mouthful.

Burgess  Kitten Food supports your kitten’s development by giving them the very best start in life. Made using premium ingredients to help those little paws grow, our high quality kitten food is packed with the essential nutrients and proteins to set them on their incredible journey from kitten to adult.

Not only that, all of our cat food is made at our own factory in the heart of Yorkshire, using ingredients that meet our stringent specifications – locally sourced from British farmers wherever possible.

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Kitten Chicken
Kitten Chicken 1.5kg from £8.99