Feeding Your Cat

Nutrition for kittens – a complete cat food

Start to feed the mother on kitten food such as Burgess Kitten, about four weeks before they are due to give birth to provide extra nutrients. Then continue feeding kitten food whilst they are nursing and providing milk, as it helps them provide nutrients the kittens need. From four weeks you can gradually introduce and encourage your kitten onto solid cat food, supplementing their mothers’ milk. Try very small amounts at first and soften any hard cat food with water and mash it up. There should always be plenty of fresh clean water available to drink.

What to look for in a complete kitten food:

  • Small nuggets to make eating and digestion easier
  • A high level of digestible proteins (around 32%) to assist growth and muscle development
  • Extra calcium for strong bones and teeth

Nutrition for adult cats – a complete dental health cat food

Your furry friend can be moved on to adult cat food after 12 months. A good-quality complete dry cat food such as Burgess Cat will ensure your cat gets all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to stay in tip-top condition.

Protein is critical to your cat’s diet. Complete cat foods can have varying amounts of protein in them but ideally you should feed your cat with a food containing a protein level between 25% and 30%. Make sure the food you choose has a balanced blend of minerals and contains taurine – an essential amino acid to support a healthy heart.

Some cat foods have extra beneficial natural ingredients added for specific reasons – for example natural antioxidants (such as tocopherol rich extracts of natural origin), to support the immune system. Supacat also contains STAY-Clean™ a supplement which naturally breaks down plaque build-up, providing a complete dental health diet.

Nutrition for mature cats – a complete dental health cat food

Older cats can put on weight as their metabolisms slow down and they need less energy. Keep an eye on their food intake – and watch those treats!

What to look for in a complete cat food for senior cats:

  • Easily-digestible, high-quality protein – look for over 30%
  • Ingredients that help alleviate the signs of age such as stiff joints, coat quality and urinary tract health
  • Glucosamine which is excellent for helping joint mobility
  • Cranberry to help with urinary tract health infections
  • Taurine and methionine for all round health and to help coat conditioning

Never tried dry food before?

If your cat has not eaten dry cat food before, introduce it over a 7 day period and start by mixing with wet food and gradually feeding more dry food.

Currently feeding a different brand of dry food?

If your cat has eaten another dry cat food and is eating Burgess Cat for the first time, introduce the food by increasing the amount of Burgess Cat each day and reducing the other dry cat food over a period of 7 days.