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Excel DualCare Recovery
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Excel DualCare Recovery

Burgess Pet Care continues to offer an excellent recovery diet specially formulated for rabbits and guinea pigs.

We all know the problems we face getting rabbits and guinea pigs to eat when ill. Gut stasis can be devastating, and any kind of stress trigger can lead to appetite loss.

Filled with essential long length digestible and indigestible fibers, this complementary feed for sick and recuperating fibrevores can play a vital part of critical care nutrition. It’s one of those essential feeds you need to keep in your hospital feed cupboards.

Excel Dualcare Recovery – a specialist feed for recuperating rabbits & guinea pigs

What is Excel DualCare?

Excel DualCare is an exclusive product for rabbits and guinea pigs that is designed for use in debilitated or sick animals and can be fed either in its dry form as a nugget, or can be softened by the addition of warm water to make a paste that can then be syringe fed using a wide tipped syringe.

  • Specifically designed for both rabbits and guinea-pigs
  • Easy to mix and use as a paste through a syringe
  • Use it at times of stress or recovery from surgery
  • Provides GIT support

With a RSP of £5.49, Excel DualCare provides outstanding value compared to others products currently available.

We recommend that good quality feeding hay is available at all times so that the pet can resume eating as soon as they feel well enough.

When can Excel DualCare be fed?

After illness or surgery - the product contains long length digestible and indigestible fibre to aid recovery and recuperation and is ideal for use after surgery or when a rabbit of guinea pig is unwell or debilitated.

For gastro-intestinal support – Excel Dualcare contains high levels of beneficial fibre to support gastro intestinal function. Added prebiotics promote the formation of a healthy gut flora.

At times of stress - containing magnesium, tryptophan and high levels of protected vitamin C, it’s perfectly balanced to support the recuperating rabbit or guinea pig in times of stress. It also contains high levels of protected vitamin C

How long will a 1kg bag of Excel DualCare last?

Depending on the size of the patient, a 1kg bag of Excel DualCare provides approximately 20-30 days’ worth of feeding. This provides a sufficient quantity of food for peri-operative feeding, along with a transition period for patients back to the appropriate Excel life stage nugget. For ill patients it allows sufficient time to aid recovery and make the transition back to solid food without abrupt changes.

What does Excel DualCare contain?

Excel DualCare contains high levels of beneficial fibre, the product is purposefully not ground to powder to ensure it contains long fibre to aid gut motility. The product also contains a short chain fructooligosaccharide prebiotic to promote a healthy intestinal flora and to improve caecal fermentative activity, resulting in a balanced production of essential volatile fatty acids.

  • Methionine
  • Tryptophan
  • Protected Vitamin C
  • Long length fibre
  • Pre-biotics

How is Excel DualCare syringe fed?

Due to the high fibre nature of the product we recommend the use of a wide tipped syringe to administer the product when syringe feeding. This product is not suitable for naso-gastric tube feeding.

In recovering or debilitated patients it may be necessary to provide assisted feeding. Anorexia can result in hepatic lipidosis, particularly in overweight or obese patients. Assisted feeding can be done by syringe feeding Excel DualCare. Syringe feeding requires time and patience as after each 1-2 ml the rabbit or guinea pig should be given the opportunity to swallow with the syringe tip removed from the mouth. They should receive a maximum 10ml/kg per syringe feed session, and so will require regular feeds throughout the day, approximately 3, depending on the nutritional requirements of the individual patient.

We recommend that the solution is made up fresh each time to the required consistency. To make up a syringe feed solution we recommend adding 2 parts warm water to 1 part Excel DualCare, allowing to soak for 3-4 minutes and then gently mixing to a paste. The syringe should be rinsed after use.

As the patient starts to recover, they gradually progress to consuming the product as a nugget with no added water. Once fully recovered the patient can be transitioned on to the appropriate life stage nugget from the Excel feeding plan. Fresh, good quality hay should be available at all times to the patient, so that as soon as they want to they can start consuming hay.

The patient can be discharged with the remainder of the product for the owner to continue feeding at home. Unlike other powdered or ground preparations which cannot be easily used by the pet owner once the animal is consuming solid food again, Excel DualCare can be fed in its dry nugget form, so that the pet owner can use the entire product they have purchased, making it better value for the pet owner. Also because the product is nutritionally balanced it can be fed to healthy companions of the patient. This ensures a smoother transition back to appropriate life stage diet.

Where can you buy Excel DualCare?

Contact your Veterinary Wholesaler to make a purchase. The codes you need are as follows;

  • NVS- 883074 Excel DualCare 1kg
  • Henry Schein- 30450221 Excel DualCare Rabbit & G/Pig 1kg
  • Centaur- BUEXC32- Excel DualCare 1kg

If you have any problems getting stock, contact us as Burgess Pet Care and we’ll be able to help.

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