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Give your small animals a cosy night’s sleep with Burgess Excel Nap & Nest paper bedding

What is small animal bedding?

In your small animals’ housing they need a separate sleeping area, away from their toilet area or litter tray. A cosy bedding is great for keeping your pets warm and comfortable while they sleep. There’s lots of different types of bedding available including:

  • Paper bedding
  • Sawdust
  • Aspen bedding and wood shavings
  • Fleece blankets

Brand new Burgess Excel Nap & Nest is luxury paper bedding for your small animals. Suitable as hamster bedding, rabbit bedding, chinchilla bedding and more! Made from unused offcuts from the teabag production industry, Nap & Nest is suitable to use as bedding and as litter.

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What’s the best rabbit bedding?

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund advise against using sawdust or clay-based clumping cat litter as rabbit bedding. Sawdust can irritate rabbits’ skin and lungs and clumping cat litter can cause gut issues if it is ingested.

High quality soft straw is a great bedding option. Make sure it is dust extracted to help reduce any irritation for your rabbits and remember neither straw nor bedding hay are a replacement for high quality feeding hay or fresh grass.

Paper bedding for rabbits, like Excel Nap & Nest, is also highly absorbent, and odour-free, making it ideal for reducing mess in your rabbits’ housing.

Excel Nap & Nest is also suitable to use as guinea pig bedding too!

How to use Burgess Excel Nap & Nest bedding

Your small animals’ bedding should be easy to use. That’s why Nap & Nest is as simple as one, two, three!

  1. Gently pull the bedding from the pack a handful at a time and pull it apart.
  2. Add a 3-5cm layer to your pets’ bedding and toileting areas.
  3. Light in colour, it’s easy to spot any wet or dirty bedding. Remove and replace this daily.

Plus, it comes in a handy resealable bag, making it easy to store. It’s best to store in a cool, dry place, and keep away from pets and children.

Excel Nap & Nest is designed for use as bedding and litter. If you notice your small animals start to eat the product, please remove and discontinue use.

Be in the know about hamster bedding

Hamsters love to burrow, so providing them with soft, cosy bedding material is ideal for them to nest. Our Nap & Nest paper bedding for hamsters is super absorbent and soft on little paws. It’s suitable for use as bedding or litter for your hamsters, and is easy to spot clean, thanks to its light colour.

How often to change your small animals’ bedding

You should give your small animals’ housing a quick clean every day. As well as throwing away any uneaten food and changing their water, throw out any wet or dirty bedding material.

Excel Nap & Nest is light in colour, so it’s easy to spot soiled bedding. This makes it easy to remove wet or dirty bedding material and replace with fresh material. By making cleaning quick and easy, there’s no need to replace your small animals’ bedding totally every day. This makes each bag last longer, making it a more cost-effective solution for your pets!

Once a week, you should give your small animals’ housing a thorough clean. This will include removing all their bedding and replacing with fresh material.

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