Guinea Pig Awareness Week

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Guinea Pig Awareness Week 2023


What is GPAW?

Guinea Pig Awareness Week, or GPAW, is a week of activities dedicated to guinea pigs. We will be bringing you a week of exclusive content over on our GPAW Facebook page. Join our Excel guinea pigs Berry and Bramble, throughout the week as we explore what it means to be a guinea pig owner and share some top tips, uncover interesting facts and, of course, post lots of great photos!

Endorsed by the British Veterinary Association and British Small Animal Veterinary Association, we will be covering the five welfare needs of our guinea pigs.

Plus, our supporters will be helping us along the way. For this jam-packed week of activities, we have partnered with four animal welfare charities:

What are the five guinea pig welfare needs?

1. Diet

We’ll be answering questions such as ‘what foods can guinea pigs eat?’ and taking a closer look at the Excel Feeding Plan.

2. Environment

Are your guinea pigs indoors or outdoors? Find out how to create the perfect housing for your guinea pigs!

3. Behaviour

Ever wondered what your guinea pigs’ noises mean? Join us to learn more about guinea pig behaviours.

4. Companionship

Find out more about how to bond with your guinea pigs and why these social animals should be kept in suitable pairs or groups

5. Health

Discover some handy tips and tricks about how to complete guinea pig health checks and what signs of illness to look out for in your guinea pigs.

Want to keep the conversation going?

Discover more about the needs of your guinea pig with our Guinea Pig Care Guides.

Want to keep the conversation going all year round? Our Excel Squeak Squad Facebook group is a safe community for dedicated guinea pig owners to share advice and friendly discussions.

Join our Squeak Squad recruits today for exclusive discounts, fun missions and lots of cute guinea pig pics!

Are rabbits more your style? Don’t forget Rabbit Awareness Week will be back in June 2024!

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