Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbit Awareness Week will be taking place from 24th - 28th June 2024!

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Rabbit Awareness Week 2024


What is RAW?

We’re getting ready for 2024’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) – a week dedicated to bouncing bunnies and resilient rabbits across the world.

RAW is an annual campaign which aims to educate rabbit owners on all aspects of their care. We will be bringing you a week of exclusive content over on our RAW Facebook page. Join our Excel bunnies, Hayley and Binky, throughout the week as we explore all things rabbit welfare.

Endorsed by the British Veterinary Association and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, this year we’ll be celebrating our 17th Anniversary!

RAW 2023 - Neutering: Protect and Prevent

As we’re learning more about how to care properly for our rabbits, including feeding them a healthy diet and getting them vaccinated, rabbits are living longer.

With more bunnies reaching old age, it’s important that rabbit owners adapt their care to suit their needs. Giving them a life stage appropriate diet, making adaptations to their housing, and looking after their health are great ways to help your bunnies into their golden years.

That’s why this year’s RAW theme is Neutering: Protect and Prevent! Discussing all things neutering, we’ll be exploring ways you can support your rabbits through pre to post-procedure.

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What are the five guinea pig welfare needs?

1. Diet

Follow the Excel Feeding plan to ensure your rabbits are getting everything they need.

2. Environment

Create the perfect housing for your rabbits with plenty of space to hop around!

3. Behaviour

Discover more about what makes your rabbits tick and how to train them.

4. Companionship

Rabbits are social animals and should be kept in suitable pairs or groups.

5. Health

Know what to look out for and the signs of common health problems in rabbits.

Want to keep the conversation going?

Our Excel Bunny Base Facebook group is a safe community for dedicated rabbit owners to share advice and friendly discussions.

Join our secret agent bunnies today at Bunny Base HQ for exclusive discounts, fun missions, and lots of cute rabbit pics!

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