Ferret Companionship

Ferrets are very social animals they should be kept in friendly pairs or groups unless advised otherwise by a vet.

Companionship for your ferrets

Did you know a group of ferrets is called a business? Ferrets are very social animals they should be kept in friendly pairs or groups unless advised otherwise by a vet. Groups of ferrets should be carefully matched. Ideally you will have no more than 4 ferrets in a group and littermates normally make great companions for one another. Always make sure that any new introductions are made slowly and under strict supervision. Generally ferrets get on, but it’s important to make sure the housing you have is large enough for each of your ferrets to have their own spaces, just in case they want to get away from each other for a while.
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Bonding with your ferrets

Once you and your ferrets are used to each other, you’ll have a great time! Ferrets are great fun as pets and love being around you.

As with most animals, start slowly when introducing yourself to your ferrets. Try placing a t-shirt with your smell into their enclosure so they can get used to your scent. Gently speak to them when you walk past their housing so they get used to your voice. When you feel ready, start to play with your ferrets. The more playtime you spend with them the better. When they’re out and about, go low to the ground so you’re at their level. Soon you’ll be great friends!

Handling your ferrets

Gentle but firm handling will help prevent your ferrets from getting over-excited and nipping. Ferrets like human company but do like to explore the world with their mouth, so they can nip when they are young and untrained. A firm no after a nip should be enough to teach the ferret that nipping or firm biting is not acceptable. Never react with fast movements of physically punish the ferret as they will become scared and this will only harm the pet.

It’s best to handle ferrets when calm and relaxed. To pick them up, place one hand around their middle, and use your other hand to support their backside.

Quick tip

Ferrets are curious little things that can be drawn to places and things you might not expect so make sure your house is thoroughly ferret-proofed.
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Did you know?

Ferret-like animals have been discovered on the walls of Egyptian tombs which suggest that they have been human companions for thousands of years! It’s thought that they were introduced to Britain around 2,000 years ago by the Romans.

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