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Rescue Stories

For our fifth Burgess Supadog Greyhound and Lurcher 2 Week Takeover, we want to share some of the stories of some wonderful greyhounds and lurchers and their owners. These special dogs make fantastic family pets – as long as you understand what makes them tick and can give them all the love, kindness and patience they need to thrive.

Rescue story – Eada's Story

“Adopting a dog, like Eada, is like adopting a 4 year old puppy. As working dogs, they spend all their lives living in a kennel little to no freedom. They have very little human interaction or affection, no toys to play with and are not given pet names. So, when we adopted Eada we had to do all the things that you would do with a puppy, house training, answering to a new name.

Eada is the most beautiful dog that has a heart as big as a mountain. Greyhounds are such laid back animals and Eada is no exception. She loves her bed but above all she loves lying with her head on your lap being stroked, if you stop you will receive a wet nose to the arm or cheek to remind you of your duty. She loves being around people and giving and receiving attention. She is patient with my young grandson, attentive when you talk to her and loves running around the garden at frightening speed!"

Rescue story – Maverick's Story

“People often ask me if Maverick is a rescue dog when we are out walking. After talking to someone today, something dawned on me. Everyone thinks we rescued Maverick, but in truth I think he rescued me.

I work in a primary school and find September a challenging month (after 6 weeks off during the summer holidays). My mental health often takes a bit of a nose dive as I try to manage juggling work and home life once again.

My before and after school walks with my gorgeous gentle giant has meant I feel calm and ready for work in the mornings and have a clear head in the evening. My family are definitely benefiting from a more chilled out mum/wife, as are the children I work with.

I think he has magical powers! "


Rescue story – Cassie's Story

“In August 2022 a stray lurcher was found with a badly broken leg. Her kind finders had taken her to a local vet where she was examined and given pain relief, but her injuries meant the leg was beyond repair and the decision was made to amputate (rear left leg.)

Cassie turned out to be a perfect girl who thrived on cuddles from humans and loved to gently play wrestle with the other dogs. The vet’s advice has been that Cassie’s remaining legs will develop arthritis sooner than usual due the extra work they have to do, and she will benefit from physio or acupuncture in the future.

Cassie recently found her forever home with a retired couple whose male saluki cross needed a new canine companion.  They live near the sea and there’s plenty of open space for her beloved zoomies."

Rescue story – TJ Newton's Story

“TJ Newton, a gorgeous young black and fawn Saluki X, came to Lurcher Link after he was picked up as a stray with a very badly broken leg that needed specialist surgery to fix it. Pins, plates, and a fixator were used in the attempt to save this young dog’s leg. Fortunately, it worked and he is now fully healed after several weeks R&R in a foster home and he's now doing zoomies on all four legs in his new home. However, as only three of his legs can be insured, Lurcher Link have agreed to pay for any further treatment or medication required for the damaged leg for the rest of his life.

TJN's treatment has cost Lurcher Link over £4,000 in vets' fees, but everyone who's met him thinks it's money well spent. With the help from the generous donation of food from Burgess, it's meant we've been able to allocate funds to his care, otherwise he could have been PTS."

tj newton
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Help us celebrate the work of Greyhound and Lurcher rescue centres.

Do you know a greyhound or lurcher rescue that would benefit from a huge food donation?

20p from every bag of Burgess Supadog Greyhound & Lurcher food is donated to greyhound and lurcher rescues in food. In the last year, that has amounted to an incredible £20,000 worth of dog food to giveaway!

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