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Do you have it in your heart to rescue a hound?
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Do you have it in your heart to rescue a hound?

Julia is a failed foster mum and proud. Earlier this year, she was due to welcome Pheby to her home for a short ‘fostering holiday’ as part of a dog rescue rehabilitation programme. Julia, however, fell in love with this young Greyhound – rescued from the notorious Canidrome in Macau – and adopted her. 

Pheby was saved by Makants Greyhound Rescue, as founder, Siobhan Hoppley, explains: “The Canidrome in China was a death sentence for thousands of Greyhounds who, if not placed in the top three in five successive races, were killed. Many years of campaigning saw the Canidrome close, with homes found for over 500 Greyhounds all over the world. Before she was rescued, Pheby had spent her days in solitary confinement in a concrete cell, with no interaction or stimulation, not even a bed and certainly no toys. Now, she is enjoying the happy life she deserves with Julia.”

Read on to nominate your favourite rescue charity to receive a donation of Supadog Greyhound and Lurcher food! We’re delivering more than 1,000 sacks across the country!

Makants, which was set up by Siobhan in 2013, is one of many Greyhound and Lurcher rescue centres around the country. Once their career on the track comes to an end, many ex-racing Greyhounds sadly find themselves unwanted and reliant on the help of charities and volunteers who, like Siobhan and her team, rehabilitate them and seek out loving new homes. Since it first opened, Makants has homed over 360 Greyhounds.

What made you adopt Greyhounds over other breeds?

"We decided on a Greyhound by accident. We only went to 'look' and returned with a donkey-sized stripy hound that had never been in a house before called Monty. After that, we knew Greyhounds were our kind of dog – excellent nature, extremely lazy with a fondness for a sofa – just like us!"

Owners of Teddy, Ruby and Monty

Siobhan says: “Sight hounds such as Greyhounds and Lurchers make lovely pets as they are easy to look after and sleep a lot.” However, for some dogs, finding the right home is not always easy. “It’s hard to believe but our lovely long stay hound Patrick has been with us for four years now,” reveals Siobhan. “He came to us in very poor condition, underweight, with a bad flea infestation and was extremely nervous, especially around people. These days, Pat loves cuddles from the people he has grown to know and trust and even has his very own fan club. As well as treats, volunteers have bought him gifts of new coats, collars, leads and harnesses. Pat gets on well with all the other kennel dogs, but he’s frightened of people walking towards him from a distance and is scared of small children as they can be noisy and unpredictable. Pat thrives on routine and, as yet, we haven’t found the right person to meet his needs. For now, Pat classes the kennels as his home and he receives plenty of love and attention from our volunteers.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of adopting a Lurcher?

"Although you think they are going to be hard work, they really aren’t. Gaining their trust if they’ve been badly treated is hard work, but that’s the same regardless of their breed. Eric doesn’t jump up or anything like that – he barks if someone comes up the drive or if he thinks there’s a problem –otherwise, he’s quite a relaxed and happy soul. I’d definitely recommend a Lurcher."

Owner of Eric

At Burgess, we love Greyhounds and Lurchers!

We applaud the amazing work of rescue centres such as Makants, who transform the lives of unwanted sight hounds, which is why, for every sack of our Greyhound and Lurcher Food purchased, we donate 20p to Greyhound and Lurcher rescue centres.

Nominate your favourite rescue charity

What’s more, every year, we also donate sacks of our food. This autumn, we’ll be delivering more than 1,000 sacks of Supadog Greyhound and Lurcher to rescue centres around the country. Do you have a favourite rescue charity that you’d like to receive a donation of food? Nominate them by Monday 16 September 2019 on our Facebook page here

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