Rabbit Awareness Week 2022 – it’s a wrap!

Find out what bunny owners across the UK had to say about how this year’s RAW event has helped them improve the lives of their pet rabbits…   A massive thank you to everyone who downloaded a RAW pack, hung out bunny bunting, coloured in a bunny poster, took part in the Better Bunnies programme, or liked and shared one
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26th July 2022

Find out what bunny owners across the UK had to say about how this year’s RAW event has helped them improve the lives of their pet rabbits...


A massive thank you to everyone who downloaded a RAW pack, hung out bunny bunting, coloured in a bunny poster, took part in the Better Bunnies programme, or liked and shared one of our RAW social media posts. You’ve helped to make a real difference to these often misunderstood animals.

This year’s theme of Room for Rabbits shone a spotlight on creating suitable environments for outdoor and indoor bunnies. We’re delighted that this annual event is continuing to spread the word about the importance of taking the best possible care of these intelligent, social animals.

Our packed, five-day programme of events included:

  • Day one: The basics
  • Day two: Indoor set-ups
  • Day three: Outdoor set-ups
  • Day four: Adapting your rabbits’ housing for the changing seasons
  • Day five: DIY day – upcycling household items and making items yourself

What did rabbit owners think?

At the end of this year’s RAW event, we sent out a survey to see what rabbit owners across the UK thought. We’re delighted that there’s been some really encouraging feedback:

  • 52% of owners surveyed said they will be making new items for their rabbits themselves or upcycling household items after seeing RAW
  • 53% will be buying new boredom breakers
  • 46% will be adding new items into their rabbits’ housing
  • 20% will be improving their rabbits’ indoor housing
  • 16% will be improving their rabbits’ outdoor housing

Is the outdoor life better for bunnies, or will these small pets have a more enriching time if they’re kept indoors? >>

More than half of rabbit owners surveyed – 52% – said they’d learnt something new about rabbit housing (DIY-day was particularly popular) as well as how improve the lives of their pet rabbits. Some of the heart-warming comments we received included:

“I thought that owning a lone rabbit was optional based on the many YouTubers with only one rabbit, but I'm happy to say I'm going to start the bonding process soon with my rabbit to make sure he's no longer lonely thanks to the RAW campaign.”

“I learnt that rabbits’ dental disease is painful for rabbits – always make sure you get them checked at your vets”

“I was inspired to level up and enrich the environment for my free roaming rabbit even more. I did another house for him to play in and added more toys.”

RAW also reminded 37% of owners surveyed to vaccinate their rabbits against potentially fatal diseases. Interestingly, when it comes to caring for rabbits, the thing that owners stated they felt they knew the least about was enrichment – such as toys and digging boxes. So that could be a theme for a future RAW event!

It's a common misconception that rabbits are easy to care for and don't need much to keep them happy. in fact, nothing could be further from the truth >>

The veterinary groups who supported RAW also shared their views, with 98% of veterinary professionals surveyed believing that RAW has had a positive impact on the care of rabbits in the UK, which is music to our (bunny) ears! And, while 87% believe rabbit welfare is improving in the UK, there’s still a way to go. According to our survey, veterinary professionals believe the most neglected welfare needs are:

  • Environment 35%
  • Companionship 29%
  • Diet 14%
  • Behaviour 13%
  • Health 8%

A determined bunny with digging on their mind can quickly make their escape! find out how to rabbit-proof your garden >>

Will you help all bunnies to have the best life possible?

Our mission to improve the lives of the UK’s pet rabbits continues. If you’d like to help us help all bunnies to have the best life possible, join our campaign. The Rabbit Awareness Action Group (RAAG) has been established to ensure a greater understanding of rabbits’ health and welfare requirements and is asking for all rabbit supporters to sign up to the first Good Practice Code for the Welfare of Rabbits in England. Add your voice by signing our letter >>

Top tips for making more Room for Rabbits

Your rabbits' environment is really important for their welfare. The Rabbit Awareness Action Group (RAAG) has pulled some top tips together so you can give your furry friends the best life >>

Give your rabbits the freedom they love and allow them to exhibit their natural behaviours with a Runaround Run, Tunnel and Connection Kit >>


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