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Gerbil feeding guide

Gerbil feeding guide
Gerbils are omnivores – they eat both plants and animals. Our feeding guide has lots of great advice to help you feed your gerbils the best diet!

Feeding your gerbil

Your gerbils will need a good quality food with all the right nutrients to stay healthy. We recommend a complete food such as Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse. This uses only the best quality ingredients and copies your gerbils’ natural diet. With all the vital nutrients and proteins, our gerbil food helps to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Feed your gerbils using a ceramic bowl. These bowls are gnaw-proof and more stable, to stop it tipping over. Scatter feeding around their housing is also a great way to keep your gerbils engaged. It encourages their natural foraging behaviour – plus they’ll love rummaging around to find tasty morsels! Gerbils’ teeth are continuously growing, so we’d recommend giving your gerbils something to gnaw on – our gnaw sticks are perfect for this.

Gerbil feeding guide

Our Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Nuggets prevent selective feeding. This is when your gerbil picks out the sugary elements of their food, which can cause health problems, and leaves the nutritious, high-fibre pieces. Alongside nuggets, always make sure your gerbils have fresh, clean water daily. Pour their water into a bottle placed with a spout at the right height for your gerbils.

In addition, to Excel Nuggets, you can also provide your gerbils with safe, fresh vegetables a couple of times a week in small amounts and ensure any uneaten fresh food is cleaned away before it spoils. Safe foods to feed your gerbils include: broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cucumbers.


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Quick tip

Offer your gerbils a choice of different toys. This keeps your gerbils stimulated and prevents them from getting bored.

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Transitioning to Burgess gerbil food

Transition your gerbils’ diet over a period of 7-10 days by gradually replacing the old food and replacing it with Burgess Gerbil Nuggets.

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Don’t forget

To ensure there is plenty of fresh water available.

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