Roll up, roll up – it’s Rabbit Awareness Week 2024!

From 24-28 June, be prepared to see ravishing rabbits roaming the internet as it’s Rabbit Awareness Week 2024! This year’s theme is Healthy Diet, Happy Bunnies! So, why not find out more from the UK’s top bunny experts and ensure that your cherished rabbit chums are always the best fed buns…
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14th June 2024

Now in its 18th year, Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is back for 2024 to help rabbit owners across the UK understand more about the best ways to care for these intelligent, inquisitive animals.

Dr Suzanne Moyes MVB, MRCVS, deputy managing director and in-house vet at Burgess Pet Care, comments: “The great news is that our research found that 98% of vets believe that RAW continues to have a positive impact on the care of the UK’s pet rabbits. However, as the recent PDSA Annual Wellbeing (PAW) report shows, there’s still work to be done to educate owners about rabbits’ diet and other key welfare needs. This is why we’re committed to helping these gorgeous creatures live the happy life they deserve.”

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Are you aware of what your rabbits need to be healthy and happy?

Sadly, PDSA has identified some disturbing trends, stating: “As in previous years, a large proportion of rabbits are not having their welfare needs met. Owners’ lack of awareness of the welfare needs of rabbits continues to be of concern to veterinary professionals.”

Worryingly, 42% of veterinary professionals identified an inappropriate diet as one of the five most important welfare issues that need to be addressed for rabbits, with 13% of owners feeding muesli mix as one of the main types of food their rabbit eats.

Did you know that feeding an inappropriate diet can seriously affect your rabbits’ health?

PDSA adds: “These diets have been implicated in a variety of health problems, including obesity, dental disease and gastrointestinal disease. Encouragingly, this proportion has continued to decrease since 2017, when it was 25%. However, 150,000 rabbits are still being fed a diet which could have adverse effects on their health.”

What’s more, the PAW report reveals that only 73% of owners said that they feed hay as one of their rabbits’ main foods, stating: “Hay should make up the majority of a rabbit’s diet – inadequate hay provision is associated with rabbit obesity and affects their ability to express some of their natural behaviours, primarily their need to spend a large proportion of their time grazing and feeding.”

Where’s the best place to get reliable rabbit advice?

If you want the best for your buns, it’s essential to get the information you need from the nation’s top rabbit experts. Indeed, PDSA notes that easily accessible information is essential to continue to educate owners on the appropriate diets to choose for their rabbits.

That’s why, this year, Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is focused on the theme of Healthy Diet, Happy Bunnies, so you can find all the expert info and inspo you need on your favourite social channels on Facebook and Instagram.


The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RAWF), the UK’s largest organisation for rabbit lovers, which aims to ensure rabbits across the UK are living their best lives, with a soulmate  and recommended vets commented: “We’re very proud to support this initiative since the beginning and we’d like to thank Burgess Pet Care for organising this huge event every year. The RWAF, alongside other charity partners, contribute by providing expert advice in rabbit health and care to both rabbit owners and the veterinary profession.”

RAW’s other expert partners are Woodgreen, RSPCA, Blue Cross and Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

Get involved in RAW 2024 and help spread the message – Healthy Diet, Happy Bunnies!

RAW is an annual campaign which aims to educate rabbit owners on all aspects of bunny care. Endorsed by the British Veterinary Association and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, this year’s exciting itinerary is as follow:

  • Day 1: Hay – why nutritious feeding hay is so important and should be the biggest part of your rabbits’ diet
  • Day 2: Nuggets – which nutrition-packed nuggets to choose to match your buns’ life stage, plus how much to feed
  • Day 3: Fresh greens – making the most of what’s in season, facts about foraging and, with every Excel order you’ll receive a special gift of seeds to start growing your own!
  • Day 4: Healthy snacks – discover how to use these (such as our new Limited Edition RAW Sunshine Snacks) for training and to encourage natural foraging behaviour to enhance your buns’ day
  • Day 5: Water – find out why plenty of fresh water is super important for your rabbits’ health

KNOW YOUR BUNS! Find out all you need to know about caring for your bunny chums with this COMPREHENSIVE RABBIT CARE GUIDE >>


Rabbits are herbivores and need a plant-based diet with lots of fibre to keep their digestive system healthy. Along with their rabbit nuggets and a few healthy treats make sure your rabbits have unlimited access to good quality, dust extracted feeding hay and fresh grass to graze on.

Check out our tasty nugget varieties specially created for junior and dwarf rabbitsindoor bunniesgolden oldiesadult rabbits – there’s even a light recipe for buns who are watching their weight!

WHY DOES MY RABBIT...? If you’re a bunny lover, you’ll probably have many rabbit-related questions you’d like some answers to. For example, why does my rabbit bite me? Why does my rabbit thump? Why does my rabbit nose-nudge me? Why does my rabbit chuck stuff about? Read on to discover a whole warren full of fascinating answers...

CARE MORE Find lots of useful advice on caring for your rabbits from Burgess, the pet experts. Training, nutrition, grooming and general care, it's all here >>  

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