Perfect presents for your pampered pets

What’s on your pet’s wish list this Christmas? Every pet deserves a very special present and we’ve done some shopping around to find some fabulous festive gifts that your furry family members will love… From dogs to cats, rabbits to guinea pigs, rats and ferrets, chinchillas and degus, not to mention hamsters, gerbils and mice – we’ve present ideas for
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19th December 2022

What’s on your pet’s wish list this Christmas? Every pet deserves a very special present and we’ve done some shopping around to find some fabulous festive gifts that your furry family members will love...

From dogs to cats, rabbits to guinea pigs, rats and ferrets, chinchillas and degus, not to mention hamsters, gerbils and mice – we’ve present ideas for each and every pet!

Gift ideas for your devoted dog

  • If your canine chum loves to chase and chew they can enjoy both activities at the same time with this durable rubber lattice football.
  • If carrying and curling up with a toy friend is more their style, this canvas Mr Fox Dog Toy with hidden squeaker will fit the bill.
  • Is tuggy is a favourite game? Then this Ropes-A-Go-Go Dragon Dog Toy with K9 TUFF Guard for amazing durability, three squeakers and enticing crinkle effect will provide hours of tugging, shaking and tossing about in the air fun.
  • For tennis ball-loving dogs, you can just never have enough – so why not stock up with this colourful trio of Battersea Tennis Balls? An added bonus is the surprise squeaker inside each bouncy ball to stimulate engagement and encourage play.
  • If your best furry friend enjoys a food-based challenge, show them the love with this Battersea Rubber Heart Treat Toy. Simply fill with dry dog food and watch your pet go as they paw and nudge the toy to dispense their favourite nuggets.

Intriguing packages for your favourite feline

  • For active cats who like to stalk, kick and pounce, this Catnip Trout soft plush toy, infused with irresistible catnip, will provide plenty of paw swiping entertainment.
  • If batting and chasing is a favourite activity, this Foot of Festive Cat Balls gift will be much appreciated. Containing seven balls – including crinkle balls, bells, mini tennis ball and pom poms – your feline friend can enjoy plenty of playtime fun.
  • For cats who like to have fun with their food, this Catit Rolling Treat Ball will be a hit. Simply fill with dry food and watch the paw-patting fun begin.
  • Does your cat feel left out when you’re busy tapping away on your laptop and constantly yowls for attention? Then why not get one just for them? This eco-friendly Cat Scratch Laptop features an irresistibly scratchy cardboard keyboard for plenty of claw-exercising activity.
  • If your cat loves nothing more that ensconcing themselves in a cosy space while keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on, this Cosy Cat Cave Tunnel will provide the purrfect hidey-hole. Portable and lightweight, this snuggly tunnel reflects body heat to keep your kitty cat snug and warm and, thanks to its nifty zip design, transforms from bed to mat in seconds.

Something special for your bestest bunny friends

  • Ensure your bunnies enjoy their daily hay ration in style with this hand-stitched clip-on hay bag. Simply fill with tasty feeding hay using the top opening and your buns can enjoy pulling it out and munching it to their hearts’ content.
  • As every devoted bunny owner knows, rabbits adore to poo and chew. This cleverly designed Litter Tray and Hay Feeder combi enables them to do just that. With plenty of five-star reviews, bunny owner Rhiannon says: “Our bunny loves this. Great quality and is exactly what we needed. Brilliant size potty tray and plenty of space for the hay.”
  • If your buns love playing in cardboard boxes, why not step up the style a little with The Bunny Box Castle? Made from extra strong chew-safe and 100% recycled double-walled cardboard to provide enough strength for your jumping buns with ramps allowing for easy access to each level, there are a variety of different shaped/sized cut-outs for your rabbits to hop through. Entice them in by leaving a trail of yummy Nature Snacks.
  • Rabbits are smart little animals who enjoy a bit of a challenge – so why not stimulate those inquisitive bunny brains with the Trixie Snack Cube feeding game? This wooden game contains three cubes in a holder that you can fill with your small pet's favourite Nature Snacks. A sisal rope is attached to the cubes, which your pets can use to pull the cubes from the holder, thereby getting their paws on the tasty goodies inside.
  • For buns who love their own space to perch and snooze on, this stylish Rabbit Hammock is ideal. Made from pine and high-quality cotton, lined with a waterproof canvas layer, you can also buy extra hammock designs so you can swap them out while you wash them.

Gifts for your gorgeous guinea pigs

  • One of a guinea pig’s favourite things to do is a bit of exploring followed by hiding away in a safe place from where they can observe the world. So how about a willow tube or two to dart into and a snug and secure HayPigs!® Circus Hidey Hut™ to hide out in. Add some delicious Nature Snacks for your piggies to munch on as they peek out from their cosy hidey place.
  • Guinea pigs love peeping out of tunnels, so why not get them a deluxe one? This cosy Floral Tunnel Is perfect for sleeping or playing in. Made of recycled materials, the tunnel includes a pee pad that you can wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees and a super soft plush pillow.
  • Gnawing on twigs is an activity enjoyed by many a guinea pig – and, along with munching on plenty of tasty feeding hay, it’s a great way to help keep their continuously-growing teeth in good shape. This Mini Twiglets bundle of hazel and apple twigs will providing hours of nibbling fun.
  • When it’s lap time with your guineas, you can keep them cosy while avoiding any little accidents absorbing into clothing in furniture with this stylish waterproof Lap Protector. Handmade in the UK, each lap protector has four layers of material including hard wearing base cotton, absorbent wadding, waterproof PVC and durable fleece top.

Fab finds for your remarkable rat pack

  • Active at dusk and dawn and throughout the night, when your rat pack awakes they’ll enjoy a leg stretch on a large Interpet Superpet Comfort Wheel. This solid wheel ensures they won’t catch their paws or tails in it and comes with a sturdy free-standing base for placing on the enclosure floor, or clips for attaching to the side of a wire cage.
  • Clever rats love to put their intelligent minds to good use by problem solving. This Flip and Hide Foraging Toy is handmade from rat safe 100% kiln dried pine provides enrichment and amusement to you and your little ratty friends. Watch your rat pack work out the puzzle so they can pick out their hidden nuggets with their dexterous paws.
  • When it comes to comfortable snoozing places, your ratty friends will adore this Triple Tunnel Hammock that you can hang inside their accommodation. The inside part is made with a soft anti-pill fleece with a polycotton outer. With tons of top reviews, Miche says: “Amazing quality! My ratties love being in the tunnels, or just snuggling on top together! The perfect new item for them.”

Ideal items for your fun-loving ferrets

  • Although ferrets love to sleep for up to 20 hours a day, when they’re awake, they’re bursting with energy and ready to play – especially when there are yummy treats involved. Combine both with this interactive treat ball dispenser. Simply place some of your ferrets’ favourite nuggets inside, adjust the dispenser opening so that the goodies are dispensed as the ball tumbles around.
  • If your ferrets enjoy going for a walk with you, then you need a failsafe harness that will stop even the most expert escapologists from wriggling loose. As well as being undeniably stylish, the Coco Rosie Harness Set is specially designed to fit the unique anatomy of your ferrets (available in Petite or Medium/Large) and is made from nylon webbing with quick release clips for easy on and off action and even has a small bell.
  • And when it’s time for a long, long ferret nap, this fleece and fabric Bunkbed Hammock will be a hit with your slinky, sleepy friends. Or how about a Red Octopus in the Stars toy? Made from cotton and fleece, there are five sleeves to run and wriggle through – two which rustle – plus the head makes for a great sleeping spot.

A little something for your super-cute chinchillas

  • Chinchillas are most active at night, between dusk and dawn. So, once the early evening sets in, they’ll be feeling ready for some serious activity. These fluffy, agile high jumpers – who can leap around six feet from a standing start – will love a Selection of Ledges at different heights to hop about on. Scatter some yummy nuggetsalong them to make it even more rewarding.
  • Chinchillas love to chew and carry stuff, so what better present than some small Sea Grass Balls, which are wrapped in seagrass string, and are great for chewing on and carrying around.
  • After playtime and some dinner, when it comes to nap time (something that chinchillas take very seriously) what better place to cuddle up with a snack of Lucious Leaves than a Hanging Cube Bed? This hammock-style bed is made with fleece and cotton and features a fleece curtain to make the cube darker to animals that like to nap during the day.

Delights for dashing degus

  • Degus are diurnal, which means, unlike many small furries, they're active during the day – although it’s possible they’ll enjoy their favourite activities of digging, running and exploring at any time of day or night! They’ll love checking out this Wooden Swing Tunnel or gnawing on a hanging Mini Wreath.
  • Agile degus love to climb, so why not add a chunky hazel and pine Bolted Bead Bridge to their accommodation? Dot a few treats tasty nuggets along it to encourage them to try it out. Great for gnawing and balancing on, this bridge is bolted to maximise your cage space.
  • Degus also adore shredding stuff, so stock up on Banana Leaf Balls wrapped in seagrass string, some Wildflower Forage, made with an enticing mix of rose, hibiscus, marigold and cornflower, along with some irresistibly chewy Palm Shredder

Merry moments for your happy hamsters

  • Once these daytime snoozers wake up in the evening, they’re ready for a night of activity, which involves plenty of climbing and running about, so they’ll enjoy checking out this slot-together Hamster Castle Kit, made from pet safe non-toxic poplar plywood. Comprising two castle turrets, two access ramps and an interconnecting bridge, there’s plenty of space for play, sleep or eating. Just scatter a few yummy hamster nuggets for foraging fun and some luxury paper bedding for when it’s hamster naptime.
  • Or how about a their own mini Log Cabinwhich will provide hours and hours of hamster-friendly fun and a safe, cosy space to enjoy all the food they’ve stashed.
  • With the smallest furries, you can’t go wrong with a Gnawing Tunnel or two – perfect as a hide-away, something to scramble through and over, to snooze in or just chew to pieces. Add a Hanging Log made from a sturdy piece of hazel to scamper across, and a Bolted Balance Bridge to navigate.

Entertaining presents for your genial gerbils

  • Gerbils are diurnal, which means they are active during the daytime, although they enjoy frequent snoozes throughout the day and may turn their paws to some digging and tunnelling at any hour! So why not give them something fun to get their paws into – such as this Small Animal Moss selection which adds variety, texture and enrichment to their environment.
  • Add some Corrugated Cardboard Tubesfor running through and nibbling on. Gerbils like to see what’s going on so a flat rock placed in their gerbilarium will serve as a handy lookout point – a few tasty nuggets scattered around will encourage them make good use of it.
  • Your playful gerbils will also love scampering up and down this Trixie Wood Tower or balancing on this Trixie Natural Living Seesaw made from natural bark wood.

So much fun for your mischievous mice

  • Mice are crepuscular and nocturnal animals and so are active at dusk and dawn and throughout the night, when they like to climb and scurry about. How about an exciting Wooden Maze to figure out? Made with an open base and two Perspex roof sections that allow you to watch your intrepid explorers as they investigate the tunnels. Dot some tasty nuggets inside to encourage your pets to investigate.
  • A Woodlands Pickles Cottage is a great addition to your small pets’ environment. As well as a cosy place to sleep, it’s a super den to hide and store tasty treats. As it’s made from natural wood, this little cottage is perfect to nibble on – allowing your pets to make their mark on their new home – as well as keeping those ever-growing rodent teeth in good shape.
  • When you’ve had a busy time foraging and playing and it’s time for a nap, how about 40 winks in your very own Hanging Hammock? Handmade in soft material on one side and plain calico on the other, each one is unique. What mouse could resist a snooze in one of these?

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