Celebrate the Year of The Rabbit

What better reason do you need to give your buns some extra yummy treats? According to the 2023 Chinese Zodiac, we’re now in the Year of the Rabbit. People born in a ‘Rabbit’ year are believed to be vigilant, quick-minded, and ingenious – much like their animal namesakes! Every bunny lover knows that these fluffy, intelligent and sociable creatures are
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30th January 2023

What better reason do you need to give your buns some extra yummy treats?

According to the 2023 Chinese Zodiac, we’re now in the Year of the Rabbit. People born in a ‘Rabbit’ year are believed to be vigilant, quick-minded, and ingenious – much like their animal namesakes!

Every bunny lover knows that these fluffy, intelligent and sociable creatures are fantastic companion animals – and having rabbits in your life is something definitely worth celebrating.

So, as hay (and fresh grass) are top of your bunny chums’ favourite (and important) munching foodstuffs, don’t give them any old hay – treat them to a selection of delicious and nutritious hay varieties, along with some yummy grass-based rabbit nuggets and healthy rabbit treats!

RABBIT FACT Pet rabbits are related to the wild European rabbit, whose scientific name is Oryctolagus cuniculus, which means ‘hare-like digger of underground passages’. Not surprisingly, digging up your garden remains a popular activity for even the most pampered of bunny pets. Find out how to rabbit-proof your garden >> 

Find a whole host of hay varieties for your nose-twitching pals

When it comes to hay, Burgess Excel has a great range to choose from so you can mix and match to see what your buns like best. As high-quality feeding hay should make up 85-90% of your buns’ daily diet, it’s ideal to provide them with a selection of different varieties to keep things interesting.

From British Meadow Feeding Hay (which comes in a recyclable cardboard box) to top quality Timothy hay  – always popular with small furries – other varieties include sweet-smelling Hay with Hedgerow Herbs  (rated five stars by customers), Green Harvest Hay, the extra green, first cut meadow feeding hay, and classic favourites such as Hay with Dandelion and Marigold and ultra-chewable Long Stem Feeding Hay.

RABBIT FACT Wild rabbits live underground in extensive, complex, engineered burrows, called warrens and, when out foraging for food, can cover up to five miles a day. Pet bunnies need as much space as possible, with plenty of opportunities to exercise, tunnels to run through, look-out spots to keep watch from and cosy sleeping areas. Find out how to encourage your bunny chums to hop, run, jump, explore and forage >> 

Nutritious and delicious – choose nuggets your buns will love to munch on


Although rabbit pellets only make up 5% of your rabbits’ diet, they play a vital role in making sure your bunnies get all the vitamins and minerals they need, such as vitamins A and C to support the immune system, vitamin D3 to support bone and dental health, zinc for healthy skin and coat, iron to support the blood, and copper for nerve function.

And, when it comes to a great taste sensation, your buns will enjoy chomping on nuggets with natural flavours such as Mint, Oregano or Dandelion, Nettle and Lemon Balm for a taste of the Great British hedgerow.

You can also choose nuggets to meet the needs of buns at different life stages or with specific nutritional requirements. Junior rabbits have a higher metabolic rate than adults, so choose a junior rabbit food with a higher protein level. Indoor rabbits can require a specialist diet with added vitamin D.

If you've got some golden oldies, your senior rabbits could benefit from nuggets with cranberry, designed just for them, with added glucosamine for ageing joints. If you have rabbits that are prone to weight gain, ingredients such as L-carnitine can help to promote lean body mass.

RABBIT FACT Muesli-style food is not good for rabbits. This type of food may look like a nutritious mix of tasty nibbles but feeding it can result in all sorts of health problems. Muesli-based diets encourage selective feeding, where rabbits eat some (high starch/sugar) components of the muesli diet, while rejecting the more fibrous pellets. Instead of a muesli mix, nutritious, high-fibre grass-based nuggets are a much better choice. What’s more, for bunnies, fibre is a really important part of their diet and is essential for their gut and dental health >>

Tempting natural treats to say thank you for being my best bunny friend

Yummy, healthy rabbit treats add enrichment to your pets’ day and are great for training and hand feeding, helping you to build your bond with your bunny chums. What bun could resist a Forage & Feast hay bar topped with such a delectable choice of flowers – Cornflower, Marigold or Rose?

Or how about some irresistible Nature Snacks? Variety is the spice of life and your buns can choose from Fruity Feasts with banana and blueberry, Herby Hearts with mixed herbs and apple, Meadow Munchies with dandelion and chamomile or the highly rated Pumpkin Pieces. One reviewer commented: “My rabbits couldn't get enough of these treats and binky whenever they hear the packet rustling.” Another added: “First time I've ever tried this type of treat with my three bunnies... even the shyest ate it out of my hand...”

Also add some foraging fun by mixing some intriguing Luscious Leaves – containing dandelion leaves, nettle leaves, red clover and ribwort – or Wildflower Forage – made with a delectable blend of rose, hibiscus, marigold and cornflower – in with your buns’ favourite hay.

RABBIT FACT Rabbits enjoy the company of both their human and bunny chums as being social comes naturally. Communities of wild bunnies live in large colonies containing a number of social groups. Each group consists of up to three bucks (males) and five does (females). However, if you’re introducing a new bunny buddy, this needs to be done very carefully >>

Don’t forget the fresh greens!

Each day, also provide a small handful of rabbit-safe fresh greens, such as broccoli, fennel, parsley and rocket, and plenty of fresh water. This will provide your buns with a perfect daily balance of fibre and nutrition for very happy bunnies!

RABBIT FACT Rabbits generally prefer to munch on hay while they’re resting and, while it may seem a little odd to us humans, they also like to ‘poo and chew’, so put a pile of hay in their favourite resting places and hang a hay rack above their litter tray. Find out how to create an enriching rabbit environment >>

DID YOU KNOW? At Burgess, all our food for rabbits is made at our own factory in the heart of Yorkshire, using only ingredients that meet our stringent specifications and homegrown grass. If your buns haven’t tried it yet, we’re sure the Burgess Excel rabbit range will soon become your rabbits’ favourite food!

Subscribe & Save 10% on every order of selected Burgess Excel rabbit food and rabbit feeding hay and have your packs delivered straight to your door >>

We’re here to answer all your rabbit feeding questions!

Because a rabbit’s digestive system is so delicate, moving them from one food to another has to be done very carefully. Even changing rabbit foods from the same brand, for example from a junior rabbit food, to an adult rabbit food, requires a transition period of 14-28 days.

If you’re at all unsure about the best way of feeding your rabbits or have any concerns about specific nutritional requirements, ask your local veterinary practice for advice. You can also call our expert team, available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, on +44 (0)1405 862241 who’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, use our online contact form to get in touch.

Are your bunnies Burgess bunnies? Join the Burgess Pet Club for exclusive offers and rewards.

You can also sign up to the Excel Bunny Base – a safe Facebook community for rabbit guardians that are looking for advice and friendly discussions from likeminded owners – and there are lots of cute bunny photos and videos!

CARE MORE Find lots of useful advice on caring for all your pets from Burgess, the pet experts. Training, nutrition, grooming and general care, it's all here >>

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